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Flashcode (QR, Datamatrix ,1D)


**** Pay attention: this is a french only application - no english version yet **** What is the Flashcode application?Flashcode by Mobiletag is an application that allows you to read 2D barcodes (QR, Datamatrix) and 1D barcodes (on products), in a smart manner, so you access quickly and easily to different types of multimedia contents: videos, photos, music or internet portal, etc, ...
What is a Flashcode?A Flashcode is a two-dimensional barcode (2D barcode) which can contain: 
- A mobile internet address allowing to be directed instantly to the desired content, 
- Contact’s details, that you can save in your mobile by a simple click 
- Or even a phone number which can be dialed automatically.
The service that simplifies your access: Flashcode by Mobiletag makes your life easier. No need to remember or enter a web address or to write, letter by letter, contact's details
A direct access to your contents : 
Scan the Flashcode in order to access, without further manipulation, to the content that you chose ...
Flashcode by Mobiletag is the daily interaction, from your mobile with:- Print media: scan a code printed in a magazine in order to get access to video content, interactive pages with related subject, or a movie trailer ...
- Bus shelter : by scanning a code printed on a bus shelter, you could know, for example, the waiting time for the next bus or you might download the map of the area. 
- Television: a new way, quicker and easier to participate to a TV program for which the viewer's opinion is sought (Imagine yourself trying to vote for your favorite candidate by scanning the code on your screen).